Selected Exhibitions




Dec. 2020, Ein Museum auf Probe, Villa Merkel. Esslingen, Germany



​July 2021,  What Will We Do Once The Hype Is Over? , Plan X Gallery, Milan, Italy 

June 2020, "Fake and Corny" GR Gallery; New York, NY, USA. 

Nov. 2019, Two person solo show "Out of Line" with Giampiero Romanó: Plan X; Milan, Italy

Apr. 2019, Nothing is Real Nothing is Fake It's all Relative; Antwerp, Belgium

Aug. 2018, Fake in Capri, Plan X Gallery. Capri, Italy 

Feb. 2018, Keeping It Real, Imitate Modern. London, UK 



Nov. 2021 (Forthcoming) , MISA Cologne, KÖNIG Gallery. Cologne, Germany

Oct. 2021 (Ongoing),  Eating Sugar? No Papa!, L21. Mallorca, Spain

Oct. 2021(Ongoing), Don’t Go South, Studio Berkheim. Stuttgart, Germany

Sep. 2020, Days Of Future Present, PLAN X. Mian, Italy 

June 2020, Drawn Together, Unit London. London, UK

Mar. 2020,  The Art of Giving Back, Arte San Ramon. Dominican Republic

Feb. 2020, Sobredosis,Galeria Impakto. Lima Peru

Oct. 2019, Leer por el Reverso, Galería Impakto. Lima Perú

2019, Don't be Average, Be savage;Plan X. Milan, Italy

2018, All The Rage - Urban Art Exhibition. Taipei, Taiwan 

2018, Fantastic World, GR Gallery. New York, NY, USA 

2017, ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, ING & Discerning Eye. London, UK 

2017, R.APE, FerArts. London, UK 

2017, Emerging to Established, Krause Gallery: New York, NY, USA ​ 



​ ​ 

2021 ARCO, L21, Madrid, Spain

2019 Scope Miami, Imitate Modern Miami, FL, USA  Apr. 

2019 Perú Arte Contemporáneo, Galeria Impakto; Lima, Peru Apr. 

2019 Art Lima, Galeria Impakto; Lima, Peru Dec. 

2018 Scope Miami, Imitate Modern Miami, FL, USA Oct. 

2018 Art Élysées, GALERIE GERALDINE ZBERRO: Paris, France Jun. 

2018 Scope Basel, One Arts Club: Basel, Switzerland  

2017 Moniker Art Fair, Imitate Modern; London, UK  ​