Dec. 2020,(Ongoing) Ein Museum auf Probe; Villa Merkel; Esslingen, Germany


May 2021,(Forthcoming),  What Will We Do Once The Hype Is Over? , Plan X Gallery, Milan, Italy

June. 2020, "Fake and Corny" GR Gallery; New York, NY, USA.

Nov. 2019,Two person solo show "Out of Line" with Giampiero Romanó: Plan X; Milan, Italy

Apr. 2019, Nothing is Real Nothing is Fake It's all Relative; Antwerp, Belgium 

Sept. 2018, CB Hoyo , Istanbul Fakeover, Istanbul, Turkey

Aug. 2018, Plan X Gallery: Fake in Capri, Capri, Italy

Jul. 2018,  CB Hoyo, Made in China: Hong Kong

Apr. 2018,  One Arts Club: Fake Like Judas: Milan, Italy

Feb. 2018,  Keeping It Real: IMITATE MODERN: London, UK

Jul. 2017,  Fake Rothko: Imitate Modern: London UK



Mar. 2020  Arte San Ramon : The Art of Giving Back, Dominican Republic

Feb. 2020 Galeria Impakto: Sobredosis, Lima Peru 

Oct. 2019 Galeria Impakto: Leer por el Reverso, Lima Peru 

2019 Plan X Gallery: Don't be Average, Be savageMilan, Italy

2019 Krause Gallery: “Emerging to Established”  New York, NY, USA

2018 - 2019 All The Rage - Urban Art Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan

2018Fantastic World; GR Gallery,New York, NY, USA

2018, Subversion; Tax Collection x New Street gallery Paris, France

2018,Real Fakes: Krause GallerNew York, NY, USA

2018, Krause Gallery: “Emerging to Established” New York, NY, USA
2018 Kips Bay Decorator Show House ,Philip Mitchell Design: New York, NY, USA

2018 Summer Editions: Imitate Modern: London, UK 

2018  Down The Rabit Hole: IMITATE MODERN London, UK

2018  UNA: The Art of Giving Back: Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

2018 AREA: Bacanal (Fake Reality):Boston, MA, USA

2018 Papi Chulo: Krause Gallery: New York, NY, USA

2018 Emerging to Established:Krause Gallery New York, NY, USA

​2017 2018 Mood Swings: Marcel Katz, Oliver Cole Gallery:Miami, FL, USA​

2017 Christmas Show: The Return of the Pop IMITATE MODERN:London, UK

2017 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition: ING & Discerning Eye: London, UK

2017 R.APE: FerArts: London, UK

2017 Re: Creations: Imitate Modern: London UK

2017 Summer Edition: Imitate Modern: London UK

2017 Fake Rothko: Imitate Modern: London UK

2017 Emerging to Established: Krause Gallery: New York, NY, USA


Dec 2019 Scope Miami: Imitate Modern Miami, FL, USA 

Apr. 2019 Perú Arte Contemporáneo :Galeria Impakto; Lima, Peru

Apr. 2019 Art Lima: Galeria Impakto; Lima, Peru

Dec. 2018 Scope Miami: Imitate Modern Miami, FL, USA

Oct. 2018 Art Élysées, GALERIE GERALDINE ZBERRO: Paris, France

Jun. 2018 Scope Basel, One Arts Club: Basel, Switzerland  

Jan. 2018 Art Palm Beach:Marcel KatzPalm Beach, FL, USA​

Oct. 2017 Moniker Art Fair: Imitate Modern; London, UK