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CB Hoyo (Havana, 1995) addresses topics that are usually thought of by many but spoken by a few: social media impact, consumerism, moral values, the human condition, … The Cuban self-taught artist finds in text art the path to developing his own artistic voice and understanding of life. He works between Instagram, the virtual realm, and his studio in Europe towards creating new dimensions where consciousness and art become a universal language.

CB Hoyo is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice consists of paintings, sculptures, and installations. Defying art classical canons with a playful aesthetic, he challenges our painting expectations and thoroughly reinterprets his medium in a modern context. His work is an extension of life that transforms language into a provocative visual spectacle. Vibrant in color and surprising in personality, CB Hoyo's artwork humorously explores humanity's thoughts and behaviors. He captures and satirizes contemporary society's essence. His artworks constitute the artist's prolific and reflexive network of allegories to the new bizarre normality we live in. All of them are proposed from a very personal perspective, marked by his own experiences and observation of human concerns.

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