CB Hoyo / 

Giampiero Romanò


Deconstructed mirrors and “fake” paintings, the disruptive duo show by Giampiero Romanò and CB Hoyo 

| MILAN - Plan X Art Gallery, Viale Bianca Maria 45 |

| from December 1st to January 28th |

Milan, November 2019, - PLAN X Art Gallery is pleased to present OUT OF LINE, the artistic collaboration between the Milanese artist Giampiero Romanò and the young Cuban artist CB Hoyo.


Romanò's restored and deconstructed antique mirrors meet for the first time CB Hoyo’s “fake” paintings and his caustic reflections on modern society and the world of contemporary art. Two artists, two different ways of observing, mirroring, and reflecting today’s reality. Their styles merge into one, contaminate themselves, and  break the mold.


In addition to the 10 works of the two artists, PLAN X focuses the show on two original four-handed made pieces by Romanò and Hoyo, summa and fusion of their creative thinking.


The exhibition OUT OF LINE, open from December 1st to January 28th, can be visited for free by booking an appointment with PLAN X Art Gallery, Viale Bianca Maria 45 in Milan. 

For Info and appointments 

mob. +39 3921904027 

e-mail - info@planxartgallery.com